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Wild and Wacky Fundraising Ideas

By: Tracy Whitelaw - Updated: 4 Sep 2012 | comments*Discuss
Wild And Wacky Fundraising Wacky

Creating original and inventive ways to raise funds can be a great bonding exercise and a failsafe way of getting your organisation noticed. If you want to create a stir when it comes to raising money for charity, the best approach is to come up with some wild and wacky ways to get people involved and have supporters keen to give you their cash. Some of the best approaches can be simple and cheap to set up, whilst others can be elaborate and expensive. Whichever you choose take, remember to make it fun and raise as much as you can.

Expensive Wacky Fundraising Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have the support of a corporate sponsor then your fundraising ideas can be as wild and wacky as your imagination will allow. Many people with corporate sponsorship will utilise as many avenues as possible to get publicity for their cause – particularly using advertising and press contacts. If you really want your fundraising to get plenty of attention, try contacting your local radio station and see if they will support you. The more insane your event is, the more chance you have of someone either sponsoring it or noticing it. Some great examples of more expensive wacky fundraising ideas are listed below.

  • Go Abroad – Make an entire trip abroad dressed in only pink bunny suits, bear suits or some other amusing character costume. Perhaps you could charter a plane and all travel as superheroes to carry out some charity related task abroad
  • Hold a Charity Ball – But make it a ball with a difference. Get everyone who attends to bring something personal that they’re willing to auction off. You’ll be amazed at what some people will bring
  • Abseil in a Wacky Outfit – Get involved in a local abseiling group and let them teach you how to abseil for charity. To make it wacky, dress up or consider some kind of abseiling party held at the bottom of the mountain you’re on
  • Create a Novelty Single – If you have the backing of a corporate sponsor, why not try creating your own charity single. You can do this more easily now than in the past and you may be able to sell it around your work place or even get the local radio station to play it.

Everyday Wild and Wacky Fundraising

For most people, fundraising will be a labour of love that they carry out to benefit a charity or cause they believe in. There are no limits to the kind of fun, insane things you can do when creating a fundraising event. Let your imagination run wild and people will hopefully be inspired by your passion and drive. Below are some examples of fundraising that’s a little out of the ordinary.

  • Wellie-Jelly Wearing – wear jelly filled wellies for an entire day
  • Wheelbarrow racing – set up races where one person is the wheelbarrow and the other the pusher
  • Onion Peeling Competition – see who can peel the most onions in a given time without crying
  • Waxing for Men Day – Get as many brave men as possible to participate in having a chosen part of their body waxed for cash donations
  • Shave to Save Day – Save lives by getting donations to shave your hair off
  • Eat Baked Beans with a Cocktail Stick – A timed competition to see who can eat the most baked beans in the shortest time using only a cocktail stick
  • Donkey Derby – One participant is the donkey and must carry another across the finish line first in a race
  • Cartwheel Competition – See how many cartwheels can be performed in a set time
  • Oil Wrestling – Set up a wrestling ring and have people participate in semi-naked oil wrestling
  • Sponsored Anything – Sponsoring can always be a great fundraising idea so why not consider some unusual sponsored events. You could sponsor someone only to say a certain word for a day, to talk loudly all day, to wear red from top to toe, to dance non-stop, to serenade passers-by, just about anything really. This type of fundraising can be tailored to suit any person or situation so adapt it to best work for you

Creation is the Key

When it comes to getting wild and wacky with fundraising, creation is the most important factor along with organisation. The better your idea, the easier it is to be passionate about it and create something fun that will inspire others to take part or to support your cause. Don’t be afraid to try new things either. If you think you have a wild or wacky idea, so long as it’s not offending anyone, why not give it a go. As always, if it’s taking place publicly, check with your local authority for any permits you may need and always act responsibly.

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