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How to Get Corporate Sponsorship for Fundraising

By: Tracy Whitelaw - Updated: 21 Dec 2017 | comments*Discuss
Fundraising Sponsorship Corporate

When it comes to getting corporate sponsorship, it comes down to many of the same essential aspects as with obtaining sponsorship from non-corporate avenues. The most fundamental part of your fundraising should always be that you're collecting money for a cause you truly believe in. If regular people in a non-corporate environment see your passion for your cause, corporate sponsors will also see this. You will be more convincing if you know everything you can about your aims and your charity, so knowledge is key.

Researching the Right Company to Approach

If you're given the task of approaching companies for sponsorship on behalf of your charity it can be a very daunting task. Asking even one individual to help when it comes to fundraising can be traumatic enough for some individuals, so asking a large company can be fraught with personal challenges as well as professional challenges. One of the best ways of making a successful attempt at obtaining corporate sponsorship is to make sure that you research possible prospects first. There is no point in approaching a company who may hold a very different political belief from the charity you're seeking to help. Some companies may already be involved in sponsoring other charities and won't take too kindly to being asked to sponsor yet another.- spend time doing your research. There is plenty of information found online and most companies will publicly advertise the charities they help. It is a positive publicity move for them to be affiliated with a charity so check their websites and publications before adding them to your list of possible sponsors. There are a variety of useful sources to help you in your search for a corporate sponsor:

  • Hollis Sponsorship Guide
  • Directory of Social Change
  • Business in the Community
  • The Giving List

Approaching Companies for Corporate Sponsorship

When you've decided on a company that you wish to approach for help, you need to know the crucial elements in making 'the pitch'. The key can be as simple as knowing your facts and figures. Understand your charity well, be prepared for any kind of questioning and always have an idea of what kind of contribution you're looking for from a corporation. Organising some of the main achievements of your charity and also listing some of the other large companies who have been involved in corporate sponsorship with you is always a good inclusion to have in your meeting with a corporation you're trying to woo. If you can present them with a portfolio and be enthusiastic and explain what benefits they will receive from being affiliated with your charity, most companies who can afford to take part will at least be willing to listen. There are a variety of ways that companies will take part in sponsoring your fundraising:

  • Cash
  • Gifts
  • Staff Time
  • Advertising
  • Matched Giving

You may approach companies to sponsor you on any of the grounds mentioned above and don't be afraid to ask for cash if that's what you seek. There were 495 companies in the DSC Guide to Corporate Giving in 2007/08 and they donated around 367 million in cash between them. The money is there to be given if you can find the right company. When it comes to corporate sponsorship, act quickly. If you've done your research then arrange a meeting with your chosen company as soon as possible. If you don't make a point of getting in there first, someone will beat you to it. If you manage to get the sponsorship you require, arrange who will deal with the account management and make sure you have the correct legal documents you require.

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WEST EDINBURGH MAJORETTES E mail..janemacdonald7@msn com Please can any business sectors Reply by e mail if you feel that you could help our dance troupe continue there excellence through dancing. With thanks and hope x
Jane - 21-Dec-17 @ 10:13 PM
WEST EDINBURGH MAJORETTES Are a non profitable dance troupe who have beendancing for 6 years and have achieved great results with baton dance twirl, military freestyle and pom dancing. We akso do solosand duos, this has changed the life's of so many of our DANCERS, we desperately require a sponsor for 2018 please could any business sectors help with my request? We would recommend that if we are lucky enough to be heard, I promise that a y comps y would be I voted to come a d watch for themselves how hard we work by raising money to help towards uniforms and coaches to travel twice yearly, please give us the support we most truly would appreciate and we recommend that a sponsor should be able to see West Edinburgh MAJORETTES perform. Please help us continue with a much needed sponsorer. Thank you Jane x
Jane - 21-Dec-17 @ 9:52 PM
Leo needs a sponsor who likes performing arts.
Leo15 - 8-Aug-17 @ 11:41 PM
My son needs help with funding and kit for dance college and rent.Hes 16 and getsno help from government to help with Accomodation and kit .He is going to only just be 16 and will hopefully find a small job to help.But has no experience yet as he's 16 end of August .Kit will be over 300 a year especially dance shoes.We will do utmost to get as much as we can work.
LEO1 - 8-Aug-17 @ 11:40 PM
Hi Iam isaac mutalaza from uganda calling any one how can help us in funding the helpless in uganda this inclouds the pregnant womaen,children and homeless Thanks contact me on 0757181332
wintercloud - 25-May-17 @ 1:28 PM
Hello My name is Darren and I am arranging a cycle tour from Glasgow to Paris in order to raise funds for Children 1st charity. Children 1st are Scotlands National children's charity and help families to put make children the main priority through advice and support, and in worse situations help victims of abuse , neglect or any other traumatic experiences in childhood. I will undertake the event on my own with a support vehicle and we require £2000 in order to make this happen. The money will cover fuel costs , van hire , accommodationover the 7 day event. I aim to raise around £10000 for charity and have great support from my employer and previous employer both of whom consistently help to raise money for various charities so I am confident that I will exceed this goal. In exchange for sponsorship I will be promoting companies in all of our literature which alone will be seen across 7 call centres in the U.K. With over 8000 staff members. I'm currently working on a press release for the event which will be published in cycling weekly and again any company will be given coverage in here. On top of this Global Cycling Network have agreed to help promote the event through YouTube with over 1 million viewers.
Daz - 24-May-17 @ 11:10 PM
Hi there, I am a grandmother (single) raising my 6 year old grandson through a special guardianship order. ..I am looking for someone /people to sponsor him as I have been told he has loads of potential as a dancer/singer/actor .He lives for dancing and would love for him to have his bestchance in life to fulfill his dreams in a stage school. Lot to ask for I know?? . He didn't have the best start in life and has issues in which have been rectified. I feel this would benefit him for his future. Many thanks for reading ..Karen.x
Lolo - 24-Apr-17 @ 2:51 PM
I am looking for £2.000 to go towards buying my dance troupe new uniforms for our up and coming compitition Sep/October 2017 we have a troupe of around 40 kids from ages 3 and above, WEST EDINBURGH MAJORETTES Have been running for six years now and in that time we have gained through hard fundraising a troupe to be round of, we traine 3x a week, if anyone is interested in there kindness to donate or sponsor WEM I would love to here from them Regards Jane Macdonald Fundraiser co founder.
Jane - 16-Apr-17 @ 8:04 PM
Hi everyone i am a man who like to help others even though I'm poor, I'm asking for anything from food to clothes to help some orphans who aresuffering I've got 46 childrens which I've removed them from the streets I'm teaching them some dancing to keep them busy so my challenge is that i don't have anything to provide them with, please any good Samaritan who can help with anything is welcome
Duma - 22-Aug-16 @ 11:14 AM
Hello, I have numbers kids (60kids)that need help, many passed through my hands finished school but the young ones I have now need help and I cannot afford to feed,clothes educate, keep them at my place because am renting, standard of living in Uganda, Africa is so difficult nowdays, I would really appreciate all the help am given.God bless you,BARCLAYS BANK.NABACHWA RUTH BRENDA, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 6003463654. KAMPALA UGANDA.
Thebah - 13-Mar-16 @ 10:07 PM
Hi, I am a student nurse working 37.5hrs a week with essays to write in between. Despite this I am also passionate about training with the International Rescue Corps. for which I've only been training with for 5 months (training is one weekend a month as all members have full-time jobs), however despite it being a non-profit charity it costs them £15k to put new recruits through training and so I have set myself up to actively fundraise towards my training and desperately required rescue supplies. The Corps specialises in man made and natural disasters such as building collapse due to explosion or earthquake and flood rescue. It was founded three decades ago but has struggled to receive adequate, regular funding to support our services, therefore, disabling us from being able to offer our specialist expert equipment and experience to those in need when one disaster happens soon after another. After recently being voted in my fellow members as deputy fundraising officer I am determined to get a sponsor for regular income, although having never done this before I'm not sure where to start? Thanks.
Lauren - 14-Jan-16 @ 12:00 AM
Hi everyone am a young man from Swaziland am writing a (PDF) book ICT based and Cyber-crime is the them, I am raising awareness to the entire society may any fellow help me on advises, mobility,and financial.
soxsky - 1-Dec-15 @ 1:20 PM
Hello I wish you are fine .I d like to know friendly if youcan provide me with a nicemoneydonationto make me start a lucrativeproject.I d be too grateful if you agree so that I can send you my contact details .thx a lot waiting for your answer PLEASE THINK THAT YOU CAN MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE SOTHAT LET IT COME TRUE LET IT COME TRUE THAT WILL BE TOO AMAZING DEAR
Moez Mekni - 14-Nov-15 @ 10:24 PM
Hi im a miss teenafrica finalist, and i have called all the local and corporate companies i could think of and i really really need sponsorship to fund my charity events, can you give me some advice/ help??
Bonita - 2-Nov-15 @ 1:26 PM
Hi I'm building and organizing the mumbai biggest danceevent call Star night Were ill need some sponors for the same...... I request to the top multi international brand like Bajaj,wipro,vodafone,pepsi company to sponsor for my event This event previous got starred by....famous bollywood actor and actress bhaman irani, ravina tandan.....and by some daily soup actress/actor And the famous choregrapher Ganesh achraya / Remo dsouza But this star night Were are getting with biggest bang bang personality Hritik roshan As guest at the event...... So i kindly request to the sponsers Kindly...help the event get bright as the stars All international school and students will be participating in this event as well the small kids If any one interested kindly call me on my no..... Daina Taygi.. 98 70 033229 Chair man Star dance and fitness
daina - 10-Oct-15 @ 2:12 PM
Hi I'm building and organizing the mumbai biggest danceevent call Star night Were ill need some sponors for the same...... I request to the top multi international brand like Bajaj,wipro,vodafone,pepsi company to sponsor for my event This event previous got starred by....famous bollywood actor and actress bhaman irani, ravina tandan.....and by some daily soup actress/actor And the famous choregrapher Ganesh achraya / Remo dsouza But this star night Were are getting with biggest bang bang personality Hritik roshan As guest at the event...... So i kindly request to the sponsers Kindly...help the event get bright as the stars All international school and students will be participating in this event as well the small kids If any one interested kindly call me on my no..... Daina Taygi.. +91 9870033229 Chair man Star dance and fitness
diana - 10-Oct-15 @ 2:11 PM
His i am a Zimbabwean citizen being a christian im am looking for someone who wishes to help me with 2500$ to start my piggery project i bought building material we have a plot and a bolehole but we are short with few material this money will be refunded and the project is likely to employ 20people thank you
none - 2-Oct-15 @ 4:35 PM
Hi,am a kenyan citizen aged 23. Am enthusiastic about starting and managing my own business. I am looking forward to raising $4,000 dollars as my capital. Your contribution will be highly appreciated. MPESA LINE:0705 681489 BANK A/C : 1430161149282, EQUITY BANK. CONTACT LINE: +254731393152
Prosper - 1-Oct-15 @ 5:13 AM
Kei - Your Question:
Hello everyone I am in Lesotho and in need of funding for a mini supermarket in the countryside. There is no competition at all because existing shops are those of chiness which sell goods which have long passed their expiry dates and customers are fed up but they have no other options.

Our Response:
Unfortunately we only have information relating to the UK, so cannot help, but wish you luck with your venture.
RaisingFunding - 3-Sep-15 @ 10:39 AM
hello everyone i am in Lesotho and in need of funding for a mini supermarket in the countryside. There is no competition at all because existing shops are those of chiness which sell goods which have long passed their expiry dates and customers are fed up but they have no other options.
Kei - 2-Sep-15 @ 2:46 PM
Hi my Partner and i are level 3 dancer in the youth section is South africa East london .. We have been dancing for a Non Profit Dance Club and we have been going to competitions on donations and a few fundraisers profit We make .. My partner and I would like to go far overseas especially to continue our dance career but in need Of sponsorship .. Would you beable to Help? Urgently! Contact 0610445911 -kimberlin Brauns.Get back to me and we can become the next big dancers from a country many look at from a different perspective. Let us prove them wrong!
kimmie - 17-Jul-15 @ 4:28 PM
Hi I am a dancer and mum of a troupe called Queensway royals I have been trying to raise funds for new dresses n uniform and finding it very hard to please can anyone help
Qr - 1-Jun-15 @ 3:59 PM
Hey am kamya emmanuel, am 19 years old. a ugandan citizen. am a student at a certain university in Uganda and I can't pay for my tuition because my parents died when I was approaching that university. am in a first year doing bachelors of arts in education. I have 3.64 CGP.so am looking for someone who can sponsor my studies. any asistance given to me I will warmly appreciate it. thanks
Kamya Emma - 27-May-15 @ 3:44 AM
@ Jo - you'll find information about the tax benefits of sponsorship on the HMRC website here.
RaisingFunding - 2-Jul-14 @ 10:32 AM
When talking to Corporates are there key benefits that should be highlighted, such as tax benefits, the beenfits to their brand being associated with the charity, CSR, etc? If so, can you recommend where I would find more details about these sorts of benefits so I can do my homework before my first presentation?
Jo - 1-Jul-14 @ 1:01 PM
Hallo all well- wishers, i am the founder of Salvage a girl initiative which runs mentor ship programs in public schools and children's homes. The aim of the program is to equip girls with information (aged 10-18 years old )on puberty as a transitional stage and adolescence as a process and curb loopholes that would happen due to ignorance and result in short circuiting their destinies. The program was run as pilot inthree public schools in Kibera. A m currently in Kajiado county, Friends have initially supported me, i however need financial help to keep me going, i also need sanitary towels and under wears. if there is anyone out there ready to support me kindly do. i will also respond to anyone needing more information on the initiative.
Juwa - 7-May-13 @ 4:04 PM
Hallo every well-wisher, am the founder of Salvage a girl initiative in kenya, i run programs for girls aged 10-18 years old and i did my pilot programs in Kibera from 2011-2012. Am currently in Kajiado County. The aim of the program is to equip girls about the transitional stage of puberty and the process of adolescence aiming at curbing loopholes that would otherwise threaten their destinies.The results are tremendous because after am able to win the confidence of the participants they open up to tell me about experiences like rape, domestic violence in their homes, myths and rumours they could know, and we are able to talk through and engage other people in the society that could help. Friends have initially helped me engage in this program. However i need financial help to keep going, i also need sanitary towels and under wears. Anybody there who would assist is most welcome. Any questions will also be responded to. Thank you in advance.
none - 7-May-13 @ 3:42 PM
Hi my name is Nadine I am a co-director of Miss Angola USA I am looking for sponsors for my next event in August 2013. Last year event was a success the winner of Miss Angola USA 2012 went to Angolato compete and won now she will be representing Angola in the Miss Universe 2013. I am in desperate need of sponsor to make the miss Angola 2013 a huge success, all the proceeds goes to help the orphanage in Angola. Thanks looking forward to hear from you.
Nadine - 10-Feb-13 @ 11:14 PM
Hello Honorable Friends, I am writing this letter to ask for your support for our work in India. I have been in the service of the orphans and street children, who are in a real need of food, education and shelter. Some of my friends and social workers are helping me in this good work. At present I have been maintaining an Orphanage, at present more than 30 children are getting free shelter and education up to primary level. We have been providing food, primary education, and shelter to 30 children who are too poor / parentless/ orphans. All these work has been supported by the people who are generous and more interested in the service of helpless and destitute. There is a long pending vision before me, to start an old age home to the helpless & poor women above the age of 60, who are having none. At present there are 15 old women, to be deserved to get this opportunity. I am seeking the generous brothers and sisters who are able to share some part of my work to fulfill this project successfully. Thanking you. Sincerely Peter
Yelchuri - 11-Sep-12 @ 7:11 AM
Hi there for anyone who is taking the time to read this. I am running a small business which offer dance classes, we are currently in leased premises. I have set up a local project called GET KiDZ DANCING which offers classes to under priveledged children whose parents may not be able to afford dance classes but the child loves their dancing and has a future career in dance. I have been offering free classes to some children and have no funding at all for these children. However I was informed that one of the children is able to get funding from her school to pay for after school activities, which is great and she can continue. There are not many schools that offer this and I am therefore looking for funding to help some of these children continue to dance and do what they love to do. With the Paralympics being so prominent on TV at present I have decided to pursue my love for dance even more so and after working with a charity and raising money for them to help provide wheelchairs to children and young adults to do sport and go forward to become Paralympian champions I am very keen to raise the profile of dance for the physically challenged. Dance is not just for the able bodied person but for everyone. Dancing to music whilst in a wheelchair and use arms to dance and your wheels to move is one of the many ways of offering classes to wheelchair users. There may also be non wheelchair users who are also desperate to dance but feel like they never fit in the what is known as "normal class"!! I am very passionate about my job and the ideas I have and am looking for a one off sponsorship to help me reach my future dream and give everyone a chance to dance. If you would be interested in meeting me and discussing further what your one off sponsor ship will do for our community I would really like to hear from you. No time waters please as there are young dancers out there waiting to be accepted into our dance world and be accepted as normal. We need help to get these classes set up and to update the facilities and secure the full time usage of our village hall. I really look forward to hearing from, I have worked so hard and financially we ae struggling without a sponsor. If you are a large company we can promote your name on our website and clothing if you wished, you can also keep your involvement in sponsoring us low key if you do not wish to advertise this. Either way someone out there must be keen to help us. K
Miss K - 4-Sep-12 @ 2:25 AM
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